Welcome to the World of the Old Forest

Welcome to the World of the Old Forest. Ages ago, most of Europe was covered by ancient forests and though that forest only remains today in small isolated pockets, the archetype lives within each of us of European descent. This is where we came from and where our Gods came from … haunted woodlands and mountains, rushing streams, and the wellsprings of power that once fed the souls of our ancestors and those they worshipped and worked with in a vital dance of land, community, elements, and divine gifts of all kinds. Witches are the "shamans" of this lost world. And one branch of European witches were those of the Sorgitza.

By tapping into our ancestral thread, into the Blood, we can rediscover and reclaim the knowledge and powers of the past. We can renew our bond with the Elemental beings, in particular those that have come to be called the Fey. And we can take what we have learned and work towards a vital and viable future, using the past as a sturdy foundation to build upon.